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When booking a coach, you may have several pending questions on your mind. That is perfectly normal and understandable. Both you and us want you to have the best travel experience possible, enjoying your ride and your coach trip to the fullest. In order to eliminate a bit of uncertainty and help you prepare for your upcoming or planned trip, let us present to you some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Charter Bus with Driver - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basically, you can hire a bus with driver anywhere you want. You can rent a bus with your own professional chauffeur within any European country for different purposes: for a simple transfer, a return transfer, multiple hours within a day and even multiple days in a row - anywhere in Europe.

Hiring a bus with driver is very easy. You do not have to make a lot of effort or be a tourism expert to find the best option available. In order to hire a bus, all you need to do is write us an e-mail. Frankly speaking, of course, the more details you can provide us with, the better we are able to give an accurate price estimate and a good quote. Please try to include the following information: number of people travelling, route to be travelled, date of journey, any other information you may want us to know (ie. purpose of the journey, special requests, kids travelling etc.).

We have different models and sizes within our fleet - allowing you to hire the best choice for you and your travel group. We have Mercedes minivans, IVECO minibuses, VOLVO full size coaches, VDL make tourism coaches, MAN buses and many more. We have vehicles big enough for as many as 4 people travelling, 8 tourists, groups of maximum 49 passengers but also double deckers. Please note that the earlier you make a reservation, the more we are able to come up with the best models.

The term long-distance-coach (LDC coach) typically refers to a bus and driver that are dedicated to long term rental and long distance journeys. These drivers are experienced with typical tourist routes across Europe. During the high season LDC drivers and buses tour across France, Germany, Poland and Italy to bring guests to the most beautiful tourist destinations with their modern coach. As they are planned to highest efficiency, per day LDC rental prices are usually lower than local bus rental pricing. However, since LDC drivers travel throughout the season, you typically need to book accomodation for the drivers. Usually, LDC drivers stay with guests at the same hotel to seize most driver service hours possible. 

The price of bus rental depends on various factors. There are different prices for simple transfers, half day and full day rentals and multiple day rental of an LDC coach. Depending on the type of bus rental with driver, the price is different and also the side costs you have to bear are different. Furthermore, the timing plays a big role. Prices vary according to high or low season and to the lead time of your reservation, that is how much you book the vehicle in advance. The best way to get to know the cost of a bus rental is to send us a request. A one way transfer with a 49 seater max. 30 km will be of EUR 330,00 in most European cities, a multi-day bus rental may cost EUR 550,00 pd  to EUR 900,00 pd depending on season and area covered.

Yes. Actually, that is our main expertise. We are ready to help in case of last minute cancellations, flight disruptions, train strikes, coach breakdown or any other incident that may bring you into such an unpleasant situation. We are very good at finding substitution buses anywhere in Europe, from Kirkenes to Catania and from Lissabon to St. Petersburg. Usually, we are able to help within 60 minutes from breakdown notice. Please do not hestitate to contact us if you need help.